What is Alexandria’s genesis?










The debate on the existence of Alexandria’s genesis has been ongoing for decades. Skeptics consider the condition an urban legend while others believe that the condition actually existed. Alexandrias genesis or purple eyes is a genetic mutation of the eyes. It is believed that the eyes to turn from blue to grey and then purple within the first 6 months of birth. Later on during adolescence the eyes turn from violet and they never change.

People suffering from this mutation are believed to have no pubic, anal, and facial or body hair with the exception of the hair on top o f their heads, noses, lashes and eyebrows. Women suffering from this condition do not menstruate but are still fertile. The condition is also believed to cause a pale white skin that shimmers, and is immune to tanning or burning by the sun. Women are said to be the main carriers of this mutation. Most people carrying the gene are said to have black or blue hair. People afflicted by the disorder stop aging at around 50 years and can live up to 150 years old. They are also believed to have perfect bodies as they do not gain weight no matter what they eat. They digest food rarely and have an extraordinary immune system. Alexandrias genesis is believed to not only affect Caucasians but also interracial children quite often.

Alexandrias genes originated from Egypt about 1000 years ago, after a mysterious light flashed across the sky and everyone who was outside immediately got affected with the condition. These people gained the name “the spirit people” and are said to have disappeared after moving towards the north. The first recorded instance of alexandrias genesis was in England where a baby called Alexandria had purple eyes at birth. The child gave birth to girls who had the same disorder and they lived for 100 years.

Most people who believe in the existence of this disorder refer to Elizabeth Taylor as a celebrity who was afflicted by it. She is said to have had purple eyes and she is used as evidence to prove the existence of alexandrias genes. They also claim that the existence of disorders causing children to age very fast proves that the opposite is possible. Skeptics however refute these claims. They disregard Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color to be related to the mutation. They have categorized this as an urban legend that is too outlandish to be taken seriously.

Skeptics also cite that a single mutation cannot affect a wide range of genealogical characteristics as claimed. The areas that the gene affects are controlled by entirely different genes. They also point out that scientifically women cannot be fertile if they do not menstruate. They state that it would take more than one mutation to readjust all those genes to get Alexandrias mutation. Skeptics also point out that it is impossible to maintain a pale white skin after a sun burn. They refer to historical records that state that oldest human being lived for 122 years and not 150 as claimed.

Do Diet Pills Work?

diet health pills

Diet, weight loss, and exercises are three inseparable things when it comes to staying healthy and fit all the time. It is very difficult for one to lose weight by exercising alone. Similarly, diet alone is not enough to shed the extra pounds on your body. As a result, the best method of losing weight is by combining the two, diet, and workouts. With this strategy, it is possible to lose weight quickly as opposed to when relying on one method alone. This brief explanation gives an insight into what many people do- relying on one method of losing weight and expecting the best outcome. It doesn’t happen like that anywhere under the sun. The blatant fact however is that, diet pills work, but you must be careful with what you buy in the shops.

Today, the market is filled with working diet pills and others that do not produce the results they claim. Similarly, other diet pills are safe to use while other cause more damage to the users than they help them keep them fit and healthy. Therefore when looking for the best diet pills that work, ensure that you have a clue of what you are looking for in the market. I would highly recommend ace diet pills, as some of my friends had great experience with them. Otherwise, you might be unlucky to pay for something disastrous than you thought. To be safe, do your research well prior to settling on a particular product in the market.

If you did not know, there are two categories of diet pills in the market that you must know before you make any move, artificial and natural diet pills. The two differ in the sense that natural diet pills are products of the nature, while the artificial weight loss supplements are made from combinations of chemical compounds. Between the two, artificial weight loss supplements are not the best option since they come with loads of harmful chemicals. For this reason, you need to avoid artificial weight loss supplements because they will cause more problems than they can keep you healthy and fit. No matter how fast these products can be, the truth is that are not as safe a natural weight loss supplements are. Natural weight loss supplements are the best you can get in the market today. They are not as fast as the artificial diet pills, but they are safe to use. As a result, many people who are conversant with weight loss will always go for natural products.

Otherwise, to get the best from using diet pills, you must supplement them with other things such exercises and healthy foods. When you are on diet pills, try not to eat junk foods. Advisably eat enough fruits and vegetables. With a proper diet, chances are you will shed more weight than a person who relies on the pills alone. Lastly, ensure that you plenty of weight loss exercises for fast results. Workouts help in burning fats. Therefore, you need to realize that for you to have good moments when using diet pills, ensure that you supplement the pills with balanced diets and effective exercises.

How to live a healthy life



One of the things that every car owner knows, he has responsibility for maintaining the vehicle including the vehicle, ensuring regular checks, refueling with the proper fuel and more.

The same is the responsibility we have for our body, because when you think about it, our body is a company car to us. Exactly as Slrcb refining motor fuel has a certain type, so the body needs the right fuel it to function optimally, would you describe yourself refuel your car fuel type other than suits him?

But many times we do it. Fueling your body the fuel that does not suit us. Ignore the responsibility we have on our bodies, and generally, people are starting to keep on consuming healthy food and nutrition related care only when there is a problem that leads them to understand that they really have to take care of it, and can not be ignored anymore.

 What is a healthy diet

Any person who built a house in his life, knows that one of the most important things to keep him is a proper construction of the elements, and the best materials that otherwise the future we may discover problems in different parts of the structure.

Same thing happens when you talk about healthy food – it is important to give our bodies all the healthy food it needs in order to be built right the ground up, so built a powerful body and vitality over time.

There is no reason to wait for problems and diseases arise and make us do it.

Common mistakes people make that reduce their motivation to maintain a healthy diet

There are several common mistakes that people make about switching to healthy food, and it is important to appoint them as soon as we know what the most common mistakes we can select and jump over “obstacles” are more easily.

So what are the common mistakes?

Jump fast and too deep change in diet

For example, people who never move the body, and one morning decided to get in shape right now, full of enthusiasm they sign up to the gym and train every day until Irrespective less motivated and they just stop.

The same goes for healthy eating: a person who decided that after today he changes all his diet, stop eating the food he loves, and other things that are not healthy and announces that he eats only healthy food.

Radical change is a hard thing to hold it for long. The reason for this is that it creates a big market, both at the level of body and mind. After all, this dietary habits we have developed over years and years, and that we are trying to change all at once and in a very short time. Our experienced radical changes (on a subconscious level) as something scary, so many times we get stuck in the course.

This is why most radical dietary change does not work then we are disappointed.

And when we are disappointed, many times we go back to our old habits, and sometimes even are looking for the comfort (often through unhealthy food).

Not suitable diet for their needs

Often people are excited about the success of weight loss of another. They check with him what he did and try to emulate what food he eats to get a similar result.

The problem is that every person is suitable for a different menu. And many times we are disappointed with the outcome differences we received and motivation to continue to just drop.

May well be a situation where a person who received a nutritional menu optimally lost weight, and anyone else it will not affect. In addition, there are important food nutrients strengthen in one individual (eg iron, calcium), while in the other there is no need to enter the menu. The diet affects each person differently so it is important to adjust the diet to anyone personally.

Start eating healthy food without a long-term action plan

Diet definition is a process that has a beginning and an end. Many times, people try to make a massive change, and after they finish this period – returning to their old habits.

When it comes to healthy food, the menu must match what the body can endure over time. As often in the beginning there any big change, but it does not stand alone, but is a true change makes way of life. The goal is to reach a state of healthy food combining custom shape the person that will become a way of life.

It is important to set the right objectives and which build the appropriate diet plan and proper body defining goals and the way to which we want to reach is one of the powerful tools that create high motivation. In addition, when we do so, we prevent a situation where we have created expectations that are realistic and are not healthy, which eventually led to disappointment many times, decreased motivation and termination process.

The right way to motivate myself to eat healthy and maintain that over time

Add healthy foods before you download Foods “problematic”

Advised to make a list of the least healthy foods are part of your daily diet right now, and with all the food record what you want to replace this food.

Once that was written before your eyes and define what it is for me to eat “healthier” so that it becomes more real and tangible. And, when things are written in advance on a page, “moment of truth” in which we want the less healthy food, do not start to look for what to replace it, but we can substitute automatic access to our records on the page, so keep motivation high.

Another important thing to do is keep on adding healthy foods before you download Foods “problematic” in order to avoid the feeling of “I can not, I can not, I can not” and No Place for me to eat. “These feelings are hampering our motivation to be in this process. However, the definition of what is permissible for me and should I eat, cost us the motivation to continue.

Remember: you may eat anything but it is important to pay attention to dosage.

Prepare a plan with realistic targets exam time points of objection

Set yourself goals dietary rules are shred your action plan, and it is equally important to set small goals and immediate. For example in the coming week, eat an apple every day, to keep the 3 cups of water a day and so on.

Setting goals is one of the most powerful ways to create ourselves to focus and motivated.

Each goal, define how to celebrate it. Celebration of achievement of goals is a source of great and strong motivation to continue. However, It is very important that the way I chose to celebrate not constitute “blowing stick” I started to eat healthy food. For example, do not celebrate with a rich chocolate cake and a large (which I most likely will lower then the motivation), and celebrate the exit walk on the beach, or buying new clothes.

Organize the refrigerator 

Imagine a situation: you come home after a day’s work, tired and hungry, and what immediate action you do? True – run to the fridge, open it and what is found immediately in front of edible. Now the question arises what is it in front of our eyes in the refrigerator. Are these cakes and snacks, usually after eating we childbirth and less motivated, or is there also a healthy food like fruits and vegetables, arranged in baskets, beautiful and inviting which attracted more, and after eating we feel good about ourselves and motivation to continue only increase.

It is important to make sure that the first thing you see as soon as you open the fridge it healthy food. One recommended option is to let the fruit to be seen (and not hidden in bags or drawer).

Know what is the motivation that drives you through the process, and chose her to be internal

There are two types of motivation – extrinsic motivation and intrinsic motivation. External motivation to the process of a healthy diet can for example be a doctor who said it is important, or perhaps a relative in your city etc.

When beginning a dietary change, it is important to note that access from the internal motivation. It’s fine at first came from the outside but in order that the process will continue over time and with high motivation, it is important to find the reason for your personal and internal process. Ask yourself “Why is it important for me to do that.”

Extrinsic motivation alone will not hold over time and therefore found within the thing that will strengthen it.

Were proud of all your accomplishments – big and small

Celebration of achievement is something to fuel us the motivation and allows us to maintain the process over time. Therefore, it is important to celebrate and be proud of our achievements in every small or large.

Customer says “I dropped a pound in weight but I still eat a lot of chocolates” harms herself motivation to continue. Define first the successes, and then separately defines the places where you can improve.

Signs along the way that show us that we are in the right direction signs are motivated, so do not give up on them. Emphasized them and celebrate with them.

Go shopping seventy

One of the most important things to keep them is to go food shopping when full. People who go shopping when hungry, often buyers are mostly unhealthy food.

So, Before you go shopping is highly recommended to eat something that would please us at least an hour coming to buy things healthier and judiciously. Such purchase will strengthen our motivation to move on in the process we defined.

Turn knowledge into reality:

Now, after we talked about eating healthy food, it’s time to turn this knowledge into reality in your life. Set yourself three operations that you commit to yourself to perform, in order to raise yourself the motivation to make your diet and your family the most healthy. The first action will have been within 24 hours, a second action in a week from now, and the third weeks.