Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples

Acne mostly affects adolescent age. It’s a skin disease that occurs when hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil from the skin. It presents as pimples on the face. Many teens and adolescents face this problem and some does take it very seriously, especially girls. Acne isn’t harmful, but it can leave lifetime scars on your face. Hence, prompt treatment is necessary to get rid of this condition

Some of the natural treatments for pimples on face include;

Vitamins and minerals: These have great healing power and can ease any pain cause by those pimples.  Similarly, Vitamin A, E and Zinc intake can help you to maintain a healthy skin and at same time will relieve your pimples and acne problems. You can get supplements of these essential vitamins through eating fruits and vegetables. Some sources of Zinc include sea food, fortified breakfast cereals and daily products.

Use of Aloe Vera: This is one of the best solutions available for treatment for pimples on face and acne. Aloe Vera is completely harmless and you can use it on other parts of body as well for pimple treatment. Aloe Vera produces an enzyme that is rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory elements. You can purchase Aloe Vera lotion or gel from market. Or, you can extract gel from Aloe Vera cactus; apply it on infected area after washing face with water and let it dry.

Use of Tea tree oil: This tree is found in Australia. This oil is constituted of acne bacteria fighting agent Terpenes, therefore, is recommended by many dermatologists. This oil has no side effects what so ever if we compare to other acne treatment ingredients. This is the reason, why it is considered one of the fastest acne treatment solutions. This oil can be procured in tropical cream form or you can prepare a concentrated solution in 1:19 ratio for Tea tree oil and water. Apply this solution on infected part for treatment for pimples on face or acne.

Drink plenty of water: Drinking enough water can help you in getting rid of toxins and various types of chemicals from your body. Apart from that, water can also keep your skin supple and smooth.

Never popping your pimples: This doesn’t help you get rid of the pimples in fact it worsens them.. So, don’t pick your pimples, keep your hands away from pimples.

Wash your face two times a day: Washing your face helps you in removing grime and dirt from the pores of your skin. But, it is also important to remember that you must not wash your face excessively. His can have a negative effect and make your skin generate more oil which can worsen acne.

Eat properly: Eating foods that are rich in sugars or fats can worsen acne. Fatty food can lead to excessive oil secretion, and foods that are rich in sugar can increase the level of insulin in your body which is known to worsen acne.

Don’t used oil based make up: Using oil based make up may not be good for your acne and pimples. It can block pores and this increases bacteria. Since your aim is reducing oil secretion and keeping the pores of your skin clean, it is crucial to avoid oil based or heavy makeup.

Exercise on regular basis: Mild exercise can help you in increasing the circulation of blood in your body and this is good for your skin.

Eat strawberries: Everyone likes strawberries. Berries and fruits are filled with antioxidants that can help in flushing out toxins from your body. They are good for your skin and help you in curing pimples quickly.

How to get a guy to like


Pretend that you met a really cute guy, and you are starting to catch feelings for him. What do you do? You can’t just go walk over to him and say “Hey, I like you”, that would be awkward. Instead of asking him if he likes you just get him to like you. 

The first thing you want to do is be confident. “Confidence is key”. Confidence asserts power and knowledge. When you are confident people can tell. People gravitate toward confident people because when you are sure about yourself others tend to trust you more. Men love confidence because it is sexy. Men can spot confidence from a mile away. Women show confidence in how they walk, talk, and act. No man wants a woman that slouches when she walks and mumble when she talks. Put your head up high and strut like your life depends on it.

Be straight with him. Surprise him, be authentic. Show him your a special kind of girl, a one that like to takes risk, do the unusual and act differently. All these things are indicative of a high self esteem, and it like a sign saying I’m “special”. So, how can you be unusual and authentic?  For example, you can write him a sexy good morning text message, you can surprise him for a dinner, you can fulfill one his fantasies ( every guy has fantasies…) and much more. just do it! Be creative!

To get a guy to like you have to look your best. Looking your best doesn’t necessarily mean putting on a full face of makeup and a cocktail dress every time you see him. But throwing on some eyeliner and a cute outfit can make men flock to you like sheep. Men are visual creatures so when they see a sexy woman they are naturally drawn to her. Looking good is not all about him either. Looking good makes you feel good. When you feel like you are looking hot you will act accordingly. 

Remember, when getting a guy to like you it’s not all about you. You want to get to know him. There is nothing wrong with being a guys friend before hopping right into a relationship. Being a guys friend first eliminates the awkwardness of a relationship and it gives him a chance to get to know you and you a chance to get to know him. But be cautious because you don’t want to become “one of the guys”. To avoid this, occasionally flirt with him by touching his arm or winking at him a little bit. 

It is very important to show the guy you like that you are not like any other girl. You are special. The key is being YOURSELF. There is no one else like you! Don’t try to be someone you’re not because most guys can see right through that. Guys like a girl who loves who she is and does not have a problem showing it. Even the little things that you think are unattractive, like snorting when you laugh, some guys find it really attractive. A guy will be more interested in you when he sees that you have flaws. Men don’t want a perfect woman because it’s boring. Guys like imperfections! Not everything about has to be perfect. You do not have to look like a supermodel to get a guy to like you. I know so many girls that go through life trying to fix every imperfection just to get a guy to like them, and unfortunately even after they feel they are perfect men still don’t want because they are too perfect. That is intimidating to a lot of guys. So the most important thing to do is be yourself! The right guy will like you for you


How to find the love of your life in three steps

Step One: Set your goals and needs

Most people do not define what their needs are, but trying to define the perfect partner. This kind of “search” is usually very wrong, because your true needs will determine whether you will be happy with your choice and the fact that the couple if your spouse or not perfect.

When you simply specify your needs and your main goals you turn yourself focused, safe search, relaxed and clear. This situation magically improves your chances of finding suitable mates.

Step Two: Build the appropriate characterization of the partner you are looking for

Personal characterization can give you an intial vague idea of what you are looking for . Write your red lines and do not compromise them.

Building a personal characterization allows you to filter the non-matched couple early on and focus on those with whom the chances of success are very high, because these watches are your real needs.

 Step three: Perform search and practical widths

Make use of all possible circles in a horizontal search: friends, relatives, websites, meetings and leisure activities during which you will recognize.

Remember, your search to suit your needs and that you have set for yourself characterization. If these settings do not deviate and focus on them – your chances of success will increase and you will be spared a long time.

Do you want a family or do you just looking for sex?

There is no doubt that people who are looking for spouses Llachiofim, sex, pleasure and vacation focused on appearance and degree of attractiveness of the opposite sex. In contrast, people who want to start a family to focus on the degree of consistency, a similar mentality, maturity, responsibility, seriousness and parental capacity.

Common mistake of many people is to try and look for these two essential things one person – a very strong attraction, excitement, infatuation, physical beauty, parental capacity, a similar mentality and stable family life. In most cases, this combination does not exist, and to not go out bare here and here, you may want to choose one of them and not insist on both.

What is Alexandria’s genesis?










The debate on the existence of Alexandria’s genesis has been ongoing for decades. Skeptics consider the condition an urban legend while others believe that the condition actually existed. Alexandrias genesis or purple eyes is a genetic mutation of the eyes. It is believed that the eyes to turn from blue to grey and then purple within the first 6 months of birth. Later on during adolescence the eyes turn from violet and they never change.

People suffering from this mutation are believed to have no pubic, anal, and facial or body hair with the exception of the hair on top o f their heads, noses, lashes and eyebrows. Women suffering from this condition do not menstruate but are still fertile. The condition is also believed to cause a pale white skin that shimmers, and is immune to tanning or burning by the sun. Women are said to be the main carriers of this mutation. Most people carrying the gene are said to have black or blue hair. People afflicted by the disorder stop aging at around 50 years and can live up to 150 years old. They are also believed to have perfect bodies as they do not gain weight no matter what they eat. They digest food rarely and have an extraordinary immune system. Alexandrias genesis is believed to not only affect Caucasians but also interracial children quite often.

Alexandrias genes originated from Egypt about 1000 years ago, after a mysterious light flashed across the sky and everyone who was outside immediately got affected with the condition. These people gained the name “the spirit people” and are said to have disappeared after moving towards the north. The first recorded instance of alexandrias genesis was in England where a baby called Alexandria had purple eyes at birth. The child gave birth to girls who had the same disorder and they lived for 100 years.

Most people who believe in the existence of this disorder refer to Elizabeth Taylor as a celebrity who was afflicted by it. She is said to have had purple eyes and she is used as evidence to prove the existence of alexandrias genes. They also claim that the existence of disorders causing children to age very fast proves that the opposite is possible. Skeptics however refute these claims. They disregard Elizabeth Taylor’s eye color to be related to the mutation. They have categorized this as an urban legend that is too outlandish to be taken seriously.

Skeptics also cite that a single mutation cannot affect a wide range of genealogical characteristics as claimed. The areas that the gene affects are controlled by entirely different genes. They also point out that scientifically women cannot be fertile if they do not menstruate. They state that it would take more than one mutation to readjust all those genes to get Alexandrias mutation. Skeptics also point out that it is impossible to maintain a pale white skin after a sun burn. They refer to historical records that state that oldest human being lived for 122 years and not 150 as claimed.