CFChelps for women: How to make your period faster and easier

CFChelps for women: How to make your period faster and easier

Every woman understands the extent to which delayed periods can interfere with one’s plans. For this reason, there is a need to make women’s period come faster and fortunately, there are many ways to make that happen. Join me as I take you through some of these ways.

Increase your body heat

One of the ways of making your periods come faster is increasing your body heat. This works by relaxing the abdominal muscles which in turn promote the dilation of blood vessels that supply and drain the uterus. Consequently, the uterine walls are triggered thus making periods come faster. You can increase your body heat through various ways such as having a hot bath or using hot packs.

Do some workouts

Women’s period largely relies on the circulation of blood throughout the body. Therefore, in order to make them come faster, you should invest in any activity that promotes blood circulation such as physical exercise. In addition to making the periods come faster, physical activity also helps in alleviating the symptoms associated with menstruation. There are kinds of physical exercises recommended, and most of them are those which focus on abdominal workouts such as sit-ups and push-ups.

The McClintock effect

The McClintock effect, alternatively referred to as menstrual synchrony, is a theory that states that women who spend a lot of time together often experience their periods at around the same time than they were previously. Therefore, if you want your periods to come faster, you could spend some time with your friends who usually experience them earlier than you. This also happens in the case you want to stop your period (here).

Good diet

Unknown to many women, there are certain foods that trigger menstruation. As a general rule, those foods that increase body heat such as red meat also go a long way in making periods come faster. In addition, foods that are rich in carotene such as papaya, pumpkins, spinach carrot, apricots et cetera are also highly encouraged.

Have some sex

As is with the case of other methods of making periods come faster, sexual intercourse stimulates the flow of blood to the vaginal tissues and leads to the contraction of the external and internal genitalia. When the vagina relaxes after sex, the inner linings of the uterus begin to shed and with the help of the hormones released during sex, the cervix becomes soft and menstruation is consequently triggered.

Manage stress

One of the reasons for delayed periods is hormonal imbalance, which is itself a major result of stress. Therefore, you should try as much as possible to manage your stress levels and avoid such imbalance if you want your periods to come faster.

Hormonal contraceptives

Lastly, you could also make your periods come faster by investing in certain hormonal contraceptives. In addition to making the periods come faster, these contraceptives also help alleviate menstrual pains.


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