Who we serve`

Who We Serve

Issues and concerns addressed:

Problems related to family relationships, stress, depression, substance and alcohol abuse, unemployment and the adjustment of immigration.
Children whose parents have separated or divorced.
Children who have witnessed family violence.
Individuals and families with financial troubles.
Men, women and children who have experienced family violence or sexual assault.
Adults coping with separation or divorce

Cost of Service

All services at CFCC have costs. Every effort is made to ensure that the costs are not barriers to receiving help. Clients receiving individual, marital, family or certain group counselling services are charged a fee. However, to accommodate different circumstances, we have a sliding fee schedule based on gross family income and family size. Fees are negotiated with your intake coordinator and may be waived entirely in particular circumstances.

Many employers pay the counselling costs for their employees and their families through an Employee Assistance Plan. The Regional Municipality of Waterloo also pays for counselling services for Ontario Works and Ontario Disability Support Program recipients. The Ministry of Community and Social Services pays for specialized family violence programs and the Ministry of Health funds sexual assault programs. Subsidized counselling fees are possible through the generosity of the United Way and other charitable donations.

Catholic Family Counselling Centre places great emphasis on providing services for vulnerable groups such as the poor, recent immigrants, the hearing impaired, isolated seniors, and men, women and children who have been affected by family violence and sexual abuse.

No one is ever denied service because of an inability to pay fees.


Any information you share with your counsellor will be kept in confidence. Release of any information outside the Centre requires signed consent of all parties receiving services. There are, however, exceptions to this rule. We are obliged by law to reveal our knowledge of child abuse or neglect or dangerous acts to yourself or others such as suicide or homicide intent. We are also required by law to release records when subpoenaed through a court order.

Also, it is important to understand that, when you come to us with another person, i.e. for spousal counselling, we approach confidentiality from the perspective of the couple or family. Please make known to us any special confidentiality concerns you may have at the onset of your counselling.